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Export Factoring

Export Factoring

What is Export Factoring?

Our solutions unlock capital for your business, so you can be the company you want to be.

Export Factoring

Export Factoring

What is Export Factoring?

Our solutions unlock capital for your business, so you can be the company you want to be.

Supply Chain Finance

What is Supply Chain Finance?


Who we are


澳门线上博彩公司官网为客户提供融资解决方案,使其更容易开展业务. Serving clients primarily small and medium in size across a variety of product and service categories, 改善现金流是澳门线上博彩公司官网的使命.


澳门线上博彩公司官网根据您的独特需求定制融资. 灵活性是澳门线上博彩公司官网服务的核心.

Global focus

With employees across 4 continents, 澳门线上博彩公司官网为贷款关系带来国际知识和能力.

Local Expertise

作为一个创始人领导的创业公司, we understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in markets around the world.


业务增长是澳门线上博彩公司官网客户的首要任务. 随着你们销售的扩大,澳门线上博彩公司官网准备增加资金.

International Trade Finance
Worldwide, 72.5% of payments are late.
0 %

We purchase your company’s invoices and advance up to 95% of the invoice amount to you upfront.

Average days until receipt of payment.

Rather than having to wait on payment from buyers, your business can stay flush with capital.

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Our solutions bridge the cash flow gap, allowing you to support long payment terms with your buyers and pay suppliers on-time.

No late payments


Dynamic financing

Our services are not loans so, for many companies, 澳门线上博彩公司官网的融资不会以债务的形式出现在他们的资产负债表上.

Fast and easy set-up

Our local experts comply with the regulations of each country we operate in and offer appropriate services such as currency regulation control.

Assisted financing

You have a streamlined workflow as we perform collections, dunning and bookkeeping on your behalf.

Export Factoring

solves short-term cash flow issues.

We can solve short-term cash flow issues by purchasing your company’s invoices in exchange for an advance of up to 95% of the total invoice value. 然后,澳门线上博彩公司官网在发票到期时向您的客户收取全部金额. 一旦发票全部付清,澳门线上博彩公司官网就会把余款寄给你.

Supply Chain Finance


In addition to factoring your export account receivables, we can also finance your full supply chain. 澳门线上博彩公司官网的全球澳门线上博彩公司官网项目可以支持基于应付款的设施, receivables, and inventory. Using purchase order funding, inventory lending, letters of credit, and structured guarantees, 澳门线上博彩公司官网的融资有助于协调买卖双方的需求.

Centralized Payment Processing

Paperwork is simplified as payment is made to one entity while dealing with multiple suppliers.

Funding to foreign suppliers

We provide funding to foreign suppliers based on your creditworthiness and financial strength.

Flexible settlement

Your suppliers receive early payment at a lower cost as you can leverage your off-balance sheet credit.

Broader range of suppliers

You can work with smaller suppliers and contract directly with them; your available range of suppliers is broader.

Our clients


High growth

High growth

Fast-growing companies need flexible financing solutions where liquidity grows with sales. 澳门线上博彩公司官网在开票后立即提供现金流.


Buy and sell internationally

Financing of international sales is not offered by many banks, factoring and financing companies. 澳门线上博彩公司官网拥有一个由当地专家组成的全球网络,并了解各国的具体法规.


Asset-light or capital-intensive

贸易公司通常很少有实物,但有很多订单和应收账款. 澳门线上博彩公司官网将这些应收款用作营运资金.

Bridging the cash flow gap

Strong buyer portfolio

We finance primarily based on the creditworthiness of your customers and do not screen companies according to traditional credit and risk assessment standards.

Diversity and dedication define our team.

As a global company, Tradewind is built on a diverse team with people of all backgrounds. Our employees bring dedicated focus and their experience in international trade and finance to the workplace each day.

René Pastor

Our clients come first. My years of experience in trade finance have taught me that if you think creatively, 即使是最复杂的场景也有解决方案. 澳门线上博彩公司官网的客户看重澳门线上博彩公司官网的能力,以满足他们的独特需求.

René Pastor
President of Global Commercial

Frequently asked questions

保理成本包括保理费, 融资前利率和限额检查费.
保理费按销售总额收取,范围为0.3% to 0.每月75%,取决于保理销售,付款条件和债务人投资组合.

  • The invoiced service or delivery of goods must be provided free of objection and in full
  • 应收款不得转让或设置第三方权利
  • Receivables terms between 14 and 120 days
  • 保理公司及其债务人信用评价良好

在所谓的真正的保理(或也称为全方位服务保理), the receivables are transferred to Tradewind and Tradewind assumes the full default risk (del credere risk). 供应商仅对转让的应收款项的法律地位负责.

基本上,你的客户不会有任何改变. 您只需将新帐户的详细信息通知客户即可, 唯一改变的是他们要支付的银行账户. 您的客户将继续与您讨论有关商品和服务的问题.

Tradewind can offer professional receivables management with the highest level of reliability through its global network. Open invoices are efficiently realized from the written reminder to the telephone call with the debtors.

Let’s get in touch.


Initial discussion & quotation


澳门线上博彩公司官网将密切合作处理您的申请,以确定一般细节. On this basis, we submit an offer to you.

Provision of documents

In many cases, 澳门线上博彩公司官网申请所需要的只是最近的年度财务报表, 本会计年度的业务分析和开放项目清单.

After clarification of all issues, 提交最终尽职调查文件并签署合同.


In the future, you ship the goods to the customer and collect the shipping documents. You will transmit your invoices and shipping documents to us and receive a payment of up to 95% of the invoice amount each time after documents are verified. 当澳门线上博彩公司官网收到客户的付款后,澳门线上博彩公司官网会将差额转账.

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